Stress Management and reduction

Stress, is a part of life and not always a bad thing. Positive stress, likea new baby or a promotion, can be  energizing.Even negative stress can motivate and challenge .

But when stress is prolonged, or if we are(or feel) helpless to address its causes , it has serious negative consequences for mental and physical health

Why?  The human stress response  (with changes in respiration, circulation, hormones etc..)is perfectly suited to deal with brief intense threats that can be dealt with by ‘ fight or flight’,  but is poorly adapted to stress that lasts for months can instead of minutes. Brief intense threats have not  disappeared, but most of the stress we deal with today is less immediate and more extended.  The problem is that  thestress responses that  help us quickly fight or run are really bad for us when stress is extended or chronic, resulting in symptoms like headache, stomach upset, high blood pressure, chest pains,depression, panic attacks, worry, irritability, withdrawal, poor etc.

People can manage stress and reduce its negative impact  by doing things like: working on their attitudes (acceptance, tolerance); setting limits;  exercising;  and practicing relaxation techniques.  BUT it can be hard to get that all together, especially when you’ve been worn out by stress.  That’s where  psychologists comes  in, helping you get that together, and helping you  re-examine your situation to find new perspectives and possible solutions.


With 4 representing ‘Almost Always’ or ‘Most Days’ and 1  representing ‘Rarely; or ‘Never’, ask yourself about the last month.  

How often  have you felt that so much was happening that it was overwhelming?

How often have you felt that so much was happening it was overwhelming

How often have you felt that you do not have enough control over important things in your life?

How often have you felt that too much was being asked of you (at home, at work, and elsewhere)?

How often have stress or worry interfered with your sleep?

How often has stress or worry interfered with your ability to enjoy things, pay attention, to keep your patience, to focus effectively?

How often have you experienced fatigue or minor physical ailments like head sand/or stomach aches?

How often have you felt unsure of your personal ability to fill your roles (parent, partner, worker, etc..) as well as would like?