When you hear someone say (and we’ve all heard it) that “Divorce is just too easy these days.” you can be be pretty sure that they’re not speaking from personal experience. Those who have had personal experience know that the decision to divorce is anything but easy. Indeed, it is so difficult in so many way that most couples are less likely to act prematurely than they are to hang on longer than they should.

Even when it the right thing to do, ending a relationship is a profound loss and raises complex
and often unanticipated emotions that take time to process. It also requires adjustment at many
levels, often extending beyond the couple, to their children, and to others as well.

Most individuals and families can and do adapt, recover, and find themselves happier, healthier Nonetheless, there there are numerous places where the process of separation, divorce, and rebuilding bog down or get stuck.

Psychologists can:

  •  Help separating couples part respectfully and in a manner that least injurious to themselves and others.
  • Support and assist individuals with the emotional, interpersonal, and practical dimensions of
    letting go of things as they were, of dealing with them as they are, and of envisioning them as they will be.