Marital and Couples Counselling

To remain alive and vibrant, to grow and to deepen, to grow and to deepen, relationships must shape and reshape themselves over time, adapting to alterations in the internal and external landscape, to personal changes, to the family life cycle, and to the often unpredictable challenges that life brings. In the process, couples inevitably encounter difficult periods and, sometimes, they get stuck. Usually, they find ways to get “unstuck” but when they cannot, the resulting distrust, discontent, and resentment can sow seeds that gradually undermine the foundations of the relationship.

When couples seek help in getting ‘unstuck’ before these seeds have had time to take root, difficult periods can become opportunities to develop greater understanding of each other and of themselves, to build on the best of what is between them, and to acquire patterns of interaction that will help their relationship flourish.

Working with a psychologist who is skilled and experienced in relationship counselling, couples can :

  • Learn to communicate more effectively, to express themselves & discuss differences without defensiveness or blame.
  • Become aware of & address core issues, both personal & interpersonal, that underly recurring conflict.
  • Learn how to restore & build physical & emotional intimacy.
  • Learn how to keep arguments from blowing out of control & how to restore connection after a disagreement.
  • Identify and find ways to adapt to the ways in which they are fundamentally different.
  • Develop awareness of & responsivity to each other’s emotional needs.
  • Build or rebuild habits that foster closeness & the expression of affection and appreciation.